Welcome to the world of Safer School Partnerships, a specialist and complex area of partnership working between schools and the police in the UK.

How can the police listen to young people?

Gaining a better understanding of the current issues for young people

Effective Strategies for Safer Schools Police Officers to Connect with Young People

Building bridges

The hidden activities of a Safer Schools Officer

What do London's Safer Schools Officers do? Analysis of activity in 2023

21-22 MOPAC Youth Voice ‘We Are London’ Survey results

Capturing the voices of over 11,800 11-16 year olds growing up in London

Professionalising Youth Based Policing conference 2023

Awareness training for officers working with young people

The roles within a UK Safer School Partnership

It is important for those within a SSP to understand their role

Importance of the police Sergeant in Barnet

On hand for advice and guidance

Lack of communication in Croydon

Simple way to improve relationship

Vetting of Safer Schools Officers in London

Ensuring SSOs are vetted to work with children and young people

The history of Safer School Partnerships in London

From the 1980's to the present day

What are the aims of a Safer School Partnership?

The four aims of a SSP and how success can be measured

What is a Safer School Partnership?

Working together to keep young people safe, reduce crime and the fear of crime in school communities in the UK

The good attributes of a Safer Schools Officer

Ensuring the role has the right sort of people

What are the benefits of a SSP?

Exploring the benefits for school pupils, schools, parents, the police and local authorities

Can SSOs keep their kit at school?

Storage of police officer safety equipment and uniform on school sites