Welcome to the world of Safer School Partnerships, a specialist and complex area of partnership working between schools and the police in the UK.

Effective Strategies for Safer Schools Police Officers to Connect with Young People

Building bridges

Letter to parents carers regarding vapes

Met police vape awareness

Are parents informed when a police officer speaks to a child in school?

Who has responsibility for informing parents in a Safer School Partnership?

Three years of benefits in Barnet

Accusations, regular presence, building trust and contribution to safeguarding

A restorative approach in Brent

Community resolution and restorative meeting

21-22 MOPAC Youth Voice ‘We Are London’ Survey results

Capturing the voices of over 11,800 11-16 year olds growing up in London

What are Safer Schools Officers doing in September?

The focus for Met SSOs in London

The duties of a Safer Schools Officer in London

What exactly does an SSO do on a daily basis?

Assault in Hackney

A student punching another on the bus

A high risk student in Brent

Grooming, anti-social behaviour and drug dealing

Exploitation in Barking and Dagenham

Adult learner encouraging younger SEN learners to put themselves in risky situations

Online bullying in Redbridge

A joint investigation

The history of Safer School Partnerships in London

From the 1980's to the present day

What is a Safer School Partnership?

Working together to keep young people safe, reduce crime and the fear of crime in school communities in the UK

What are the benefits of a SSP?

Exploring the benefits for school pupils, schools, parents, the police and local authorities