Online racist comments

A racist comment was made online towards a student. The suspect, also a student, lived in the north of England and was identified via social media. The victim did not wish to prosecute so it was decided that a community resolution would be arranged. The Safer Schools Officer (SSO) worked with the Dedicated Safeguarding Lead of both schools and the parents of all concerned to arrange a restorative meeting, which was held via teams. The offender admitted his involvement and apologised profusely to the victims as did his parents on behalf of their son.

The victim accepted his apologies. The SSO made him aware of how they could of proceeded with a prosecution but due to his age the victims wished him to have a second chance but know how his actions had affected them. This was a good outcome for all involved and made a difference.


Steven Sweeney BSc (Hons), MSc

Metropolitan Police Service, Frontline Policing Delivery Unit, Youth Policy Team