Anti-social behaviours in Harrow

Problem: Multiple low level problems in school which link with students potentially breaking the law, ranging from anti social behaviours to homophobic comments and racist bullying slurs.
How was it dealt with: We had the luxury of having our Safer Schools Officer attend every Thursday afternoon in school. Year Coordinators and Senior Leaders would proactively book students (and sometimes students and parents in) for meetings with our Safer Schools' Officer. These were exceptionally useful as restorative outcomes to lower level behaviours and I strongly believe they were preventative in behaviours escalating and potentially resulting in further exclusions. We would provide our SSO with a list before the day of the students, overview of the cases and it was so productive!
Why a success? Students perceived police to be less of a threat, and more of a protective and supportive learning resource. Parents had similar experiences, and found that the SSO would support them completely in encouraging better behaviour at home as well as at school. Incredible partnership working and it is one we miss terribly due to a lack of capacity in the current team.


Steven Sweeney BSc (Hons), MSc

Metropolitan Police Service, Frontline Policing Delivery Unit, Youth Policy Team